Solar Panel Cleaning, Adelaide

Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide

Adelaide Exterior Vac can professionally clean your SOLAR PANELS to ensure that maximum effeciecny is maintained so that you get maximum return on your investment sooner. We provide our SOLAR PANEL cleaning service to residential, retirement and commercial and industrial properties.

Cleaing of solar panels will remove:

  • Dirt and Debris
  • Bird and Anilmal Dropping
  • Pollution from Traffic
  • Salt (if in coastal area)
  • Any other Build-up

Solar Panels can loose upto 25% efficency if panels are dirty and not regularly cleaned.

We use a system that provides pure water that has been filtered and de-inonised (NO CHEMICALS) so that it will leave no water marks on the panels and also ensures that any water running off into rainwater tanks is not contaminated.

If Solar Panel Cleaning is combined with a Gutter Cleaning Service a 20% discount will apply to Solar Panel Cleaning rates.

Maintaining your solar panels not only protects the investment you've made, it also ensures that your panels can perform to maximum capacity; up to 25% of precious power can be lost if you have dirty panels.

Bird and animal waste, tree saps, ocean salt, pollens, pollution and tree debris can all contribute to making your panels dirty, reducing the amount of power produced for your home.

Adelaide Exterior Vac will ensure your panels perform to maximum capacity by using the latest environmentally friendly water system to clean solar panels; our system deionises hard water and filters in purified water for a scratch free clean.

The Adelaide Exterior Vac team is fully trained in working safely at heights and can provide the ultimate solar panel cleaning service for both single and double storey properties. Cleaning your solar panels annually protects the investment you've made in your home and there's no one better to take care of the job for you than Adelaide Exterior Vac.